Happy New Year!!!

A bit late I know! But anyway, Happy New Year, Happy 2018!

My last post before the new year was all about promoting my mini sessions for Women in Need London. The session went really well and we managed to raise £860 for the refuge. Thank you everyone who took the time and made the effort in supporting this amazing cause.

Here are a few of the gorgeous kids that came to see me:


I was also lucky enough to be busy for the rest of the year and I got to meet lots of lovely kids and families:

So if you are looking to book a photographer my email address is info@anneliepop.com.

I do all sorts of kids photography, I have also started photographing small weddings, so if you are getting married and you are on a budget, get in touch 😀

Best wishes,

Annelie X

Facebook: @anneliepopphotography and @studioAnneliePopovic

Instagram: @anneliepopphotography and @studioanneliepopovic

Twitter: @AnneliePopPhoto

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